Why NRC?

Our Cause


NRC Logo NRC, Nepalese Community for sports and recreational events, is a registered non-profit social community organization in Sydney Australia aiming to be recognized in the broader Nepalese community for its quality performance in the field of sports and recreational events.

Nepalese Recreational Club (NRC), a sporting and recreational club, was established in 2009 with the aim to fulfill its mission statement “Promote active, healthy lifestyle through sporting and recreational events to bring harmony in the community, preserving traditional values.” So NRC will work to bring the community/families together through sports and recreation embedding & celebrating, promoting, preserving cultural events for social wellbeing to create community harmony with dedication. This is why and where NRC firmly stands.

In the past few years there has been a significant increase in the Nepalese living in Sydney. The majority of them are international students studying at different colleges and universities in & around Sydney Metro Region. Also there have been a huge number of migrants from Nepal through skilled migration program, family re-union programs, increased birth rate with in the community and most of all permanent status residents granted to those students who have successfully completed their course of study and met the migration criteria.

This did bring a huge sift to the in the community landscape as to how and when social events should be organized and if any what sort of events should be organized. There has been increased number of Community Organizations established with their own goals and objectives with the hope to cater service and address community needs and concerns. As the community grows bigger there is a demand for various community events as well understood. It is the responsibility of the community leaders and active members in the community to understand the community needs and come up with some ideas and thoughts followed by specific program to fulfill such needs.

Living at different Sydney suburbs in today’s busy lifestyle it has been even harder to say goody to long time close mates and family friends. NRC family realized that organizing sporting and cultural events and celebrating our festive seasons together would be the perfect way to fulfill this specific community need and at the same time promoting healthy lifestyle in the community away from hectic work schedule would be an added advantage.

Moreover, NRC believes in partnership with other community organizations and businesses aiming to create strong working relationship with similar non-profit community organizations and exploring numerous prominent sponsorship opportunities to successfully organize community events.

When it comes to what NRC stands for we would like to make it very clear our intentions to other community organizations that we will not create any conflict in organizing similar community events rather we will extend our voluntary support and to our sponsors we highly appreciate your support and we will show our loyalty to you all & will work for creative promotions for your business.

We aim to promote sports and recreational activities through sportsmanship, good leadership skills and social skills amongst community groups through sporting activities and recreational events and bring good health and well-being in the broader community.

First generation Nepalese Australians migrants obviously would like see our kids embrace our traditional culture from back home and embed it into the Australian way of life. We would like to see them speak, read and write fluent Nepali or other ethnic languages, feel proud of them when we see them perform cultural and classical Nepalese dances, watch them create strong bond among their mates, achieve sporting success at an elite levels if not take up healthy life styles through recreational means. This is what NRC dreams for and will be working to achieve in the long run.

Let’s be proud of who we are and aim to raise our head high on what we do & preserving our traditional Nepalese values but still enjoying a modern way of life in our adapted home land Australia. This is what NRC stands for and Why NRC is needed in the Nepalese Community.