Oli & Associates NRC Multicultural Badminton Tournament 2019

Date Time / Venue Coordinators Status
NBC Seven Hills
3/17 Stanton Road
Seven Hills, NSW 2147
Sanjay Shrestha
0434 681 739
[email protected]
Hom Pandey
0432 827 773

Oli & Associates NRC Multicultural Badminton Tournament 2019 has been concluded successfully. Congratulations to the winners & runner-ups and special thanks to the title sponsor & all the volunteers.

Open Men's Singels:

Winner: Himal Kunwar
Runner Up: Sandeep Bura
1st Runner Up: Buddha maharjan

Over 45 Men's Singles:

Winner: Ricky Meon
Runner Up: Bishnu Shrestha
1st Runner Up: TBA

Open 45 Men's Doubles:

Winner: Sitaram Joshi & Sanjay Shrestha
Runner Up: Shamsher Thapa & Pratap Shrestha
1st Runner Up: Deepak Dangol & Ricky Meon

Open Men's Doubles:

Winner: Sandeep Bura & Chethan Chandrasekhar
Runner Up: Himal Kunwar & Buddha Maharjan
1st Runner Up: Radhe Joshi & Sojan Gouchan

Mix Doubles:

Winner: Sandeep Bura & Suji Jagadeesan
Runner Up: Sanjay Shreshta & Muna Shrestha
1st Runner Up: Subarna Sharma & Meena Sharma