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NRC Logo Nepalese Recreational Club (NRC) is your home of sports, social and family recreational events, community news and updates. NRC is dedicated to bring you all together via sporting/cultural recreation events for peace, healthy lifestyle and harmony with recognition of your sporting and cultural talents.

We are a community based non-profit recreational club with almost 200 plus family memberships and rapidly growing. Membership is open to anyone and with no condition attached with your love of sports and recreation. All sport and recreation loving members are most welcome.


Why NRC, Nepalese Community for sports and recreational events, is a registered non-profit social community organization in Sydney Australia aiming to be recognized in the broader Nepalese community for its quality performance in the field of sports and recreational... ...Learn More

Our Story

About Us NRC is and will be non profit and non – political Sydney based recreational club with a firm dedication to promote sports and recreational events & its importance for healthy lifestyle and to bring harmony, unity and opportunities for next generation Nepalese Australians.

NRC's focus is to assist communities and individuals to organize sporting & recreational events with sustainable projects in the long run and seek sponsorship support in the immediate and medium term... ...Learn More

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Nepalese Recreation Club (NRC) organises a few major sporting events each year. You can get involved with NRC as Members, Partners, Sponsors and Media Partners.

NRC events provides businesses a unique platform to promote themselves to the wider Nepalese community in the region. Please contact us for more information about Sponsorship opportunities on our next major event... ...Learn More

Yoga Retreat

Taking care of our mind, body and soul is more important than ever as we all are braving the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns. On that note, NRC is pleased to organise the Virtual Yoga Retreat starting from the 5th of September 2021.

Virtual Yoga Sessions

Please come and join the virtual Yoga Retreat organised by the Nepalese Recreational Club (NRC). The main purpose of this programme is to enhance the awareness and the importance of good health and the roles that Yoga can play in this. Yoga is proven to help strengthen the outer layer of the muscles and connective tissues, allowing you to stretch more deeply into your asanas. If you wish to feel extra energised, Yoga can be the choice of exercise for you.

NRC is hosting this programme online every Sunday between 8 to 10am. If you wish to join, please contact the NRC Secretary, Pramila Thapa on 0401 228 886.

The session is run by the NRC Vice President and our Yoga Guru, Laxmi Shrestha, who has been practising Yoga for over 35 years.

Please come and join us!

NRC Family

Every year Nepalese Recreational Club (NRC) organises Multicultural Sports Tournament in various sports categories. The aim of this tournament is to bring various players from different cultural diversity together. It provides an opportunity to know each other, unite, build relationships, forge trusts and enhance social harmony within multicultural society of Australia.

Oli & Associates NRC Multicultural Badminton Tournament 2021

Date Time / Venue Coordinators Status
19/06/2021 8AM
21 Ormsby Place
Witherill Park
NSW 2164
Nabin Pradhan
0427 335 221
[email protected]
Lizan Maskey
0412 407 270

Expert Education NRC Multicultural Table Tennis Tournament 2021

Date Time / Venue Coordinators Status

Nam Ho Table Tennis Academy
1/5 Clyde Street
NSW 2116
Pawan Soti
0409 622 304 [email protected]
Sanchita Dahal
0406 449 689

Aussie Finance NRC Multicultural Tennis Tournament 2021

Date Time / Venue Coordinators Status
Blacktown Leisure Centre
Sentry Drive
Stanhope Gardens, NSW 2768
Babu Bagale
0405 723 115 [email protected]
Santosh Bhattarai
0403 424 338

Crown Institute NRC Multicultural Golf Tournament 2021

Date Time / Venue Coordinators Status
Beginner's Training
25/07/2021 2:45PM
Hurstville Golf Course
57 Lorraine St
Peakhurst NSW 2210

Beginner's Carnival
15/08/2021 1:00PM
Canterbury Golf Course
186/190 Moorefields Rd
Beverly Hills, NSW 2209

Golf Champoinship
04/09/2021 11:45AM
North Ryde Golf Club
Twin Road
North Ryde, NSW 2113
Sudeep Bastola
0430 110 309
[email protected]
Pranab Mainali
0420 510 148

Sudeep Bastola
0430 110 309
[email protected]
Pranab Mainali
0420 510 148

Sudeep Bastola
0430 110 309
[email protected]
Pranab Mainali
0420 510 148



NRC is organising the Annual Charity Golf Tournament. Many thanks to the Title Sponsor - R2M Business Group for making this event possible.

Date Time / Venue Coordinator(s) Status
20/03/2021 11:00AM
Fox Hills Golf Club
55 Fox Hills Cres
Prospect, NSW 2148
Sudeep Bastola
0430 110 309
[email protected]
Pranab Mainali
0420 510 148